Bionic Wrench Can Do Nuts And Bolts Like No Other

If you’re going to call your product “bionic,” it better be otherworldly in function.  When it comes to working with nuts and bolts, the Bionic Wrench manages to do its name proud.

While it can’t fly, climb tall buildings or destroy supervillains, the bionic handheld tool can do its commissioned duties, namely gripping and screwing, very well.  So well, in fact, that everything else you will normally use to work with nuts and bolts pale badly in comparison.  Forget the wrench, the adjustable spanner, the vise grip, the pliers and the socket rachet of all sizes  — this is all you’ll ever need.

Billed as a hybrid between an adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers, the Bionic Wrench can grip varying sizes of nuts and bolts on all six  flat sides, making it easy to turn for either pushing in or pulling out.  Handles allow you to grasp it in a motion similar to pliers,  with the jaws tightening around the bolt when you squeeze harder.

The tool is made from hardened steel, with  rust-resistant coating and double thickness cushion grips for the handle.  It comes in three lengths — 6-inches, 8-inches and 10-inches.  All three overlap in the sizes of nuts and bolts they can work with, although the small one can’t work with anything too big, just as the biggest one can’t work with super tiny bolts.  Complete SAE and metric sizes covered for each are listed on the product site.

In case you frequently find yourself working with nuts and bolts, we can’t imagine a better investment to ease your troubles.  Price for the Bionic Wrench starts at $25 for the 6-inch version.

[Loggerhead Tools]