Bionx Seascape 12 Features Pedal Drivetrain With Electric Assist

Pedal-powered boats are great for many reasons.  They make no noise, cause no pollution and leave a very small carbon footprint if at all.  But they all stink for one reason: they’re too damn slow.  The Bionx SeaScape 12 offers a neat compromise by adding electric power-assist to the standard pedal boat.

If bikes can do it, why can’t boats? And that’s, pretty much, the whole reasoning here.  It makes sense, too, because you get to keep a very environmentally-friendly ride, all while getting a slight boost in speed.  Not bad.

The Bionx Seascape 12 is a leisure watercraft with an optimized propeller system and a bicycle-style pedal gear drivetrain.  It measures 12 feet long and 6.1 feet wide, with a two-person seating capacity (yes, both side-by-side passengers can pedal) and a front deck that can hold up to two kids.  Without electric assist, the boat can run on the water at speeds of up to 3.4 mph.  With the 250w motor powered by 2x 12 V 30 Ah marine batteries, it can ferry you at a quicker 5.8 mph pace.  The pair of onboard batteries can keep it at that speed for up to 5 hours at a time.

Features include a detachable multi-function console, a plug-in charger, height-adjustable transom, adjustable seats and a modular front insert for attaching accessories like a cooler and a storage box.  Only the standard version is available for 2012, but they will expand with special editions (like a fishing package) going forward.

Price for the standard Bionx Seascape 12 is listed at $6,000.

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