This Bird Boy Tumbler Doubles As A Coffee Press

You never know when you’ll be without a nearby barista.  For those dire situations in the middle of nowhere when a strong coffee fix is in order, there’s the Blackbird Bird Boy Vacuum Travel Press.

A combination French press and travel tumbler, you can finally drink your coffee from the same vessel you used to cook it.  That is, if you don’t do that already with the coffee pot at home.  I do, by the way.  And it’s awesome.

There’s enough space in the Bird Boy Vacuum Travel Press’ interior for 10 ounces of the potent black stuff, which should be enough for quenching that burning desire for a quick fix with some extra saved for later.  It’s vacuum-sealed, too, so you can take a few sips, put the lid back on and go about your merry way — the drink will stay warm for the next time you feel the hankering for some java.

Construction seems to be some sturdy plastic and metal combination, which leaves it  many times more durable than the glass press you’ve been considering taking during extended days in the wild.  And don’t even get me started on the instant coffee you packed the last time you went camping.  Blech.

The Bird Boy Vacuum Travel Press features a shiny black finish  exterior, complete with a creepy logo of a boy with a bird beak.  Seriously, that image makes me not want to drink from this (your mileage, of course, may vary).  It’s available now for $28.