BIT Lights Let You Create Custom Lighting Arrangements Without Messing With Sockets And Wires


We’ve seen some developments when it comes to lighting systems. All of them, however, still rely on the same limitation: wires and sockets. Simply put, you can only install your LEDs wherever you install wires and sockets, too. The BIT Light offers a different option.

Made by Choi+Shine Architects, it’s a modular lighting system that eschews the use of traditional sockets. Instead, the system passes current to a bulb using a system of magnets, making it possible to build customizable lighting installations without messing with wires and sockets the way traditional lighting requires.


The core element of BIT Light is the “BIT,” a translucent polycarbonate tube that holds an LED bulb inside, giving the light source both protection and structural support. At each end of a BIT sits conductor pads that can connect magnetically with a six-sided nickel connector, allowing you to string multiple bits together in right-angled combinations, all while drawing power from a single source. Each BIT packs 460 lumens of light, so you simply string as many as you want in order to achieve ideal lighting in any individual area. The system can draw its power from a low-voltage wall- or ceiling-mounted outlet, similar to conventional lighting solutions, as well as individual batteries, which can be integrated into the tube.


Designed for safety, the polycarbonate housing will remain cool to the touch during use, with the nickel casing of the connecting elements earthed. Any unused conductive sides can also be covered with magnetic insulating caps to avoid untoward accidents.

As of now, the BIT Light is only made with the tube-shaped light source, although the group is already working on new shapes and connectors to allow for even more creative installations. No word on planned pricing or availability, though.

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