Bivi Modular Furniture Lets You Adjust Office Layout On The Fly

Office furniture is expensive. Unless you’re buying those cardboard furnishings, it’s a serious investment — one that can easily go to waste if you have a growing business and limited space.   That’s why modular office furniture makes so much sense.  And the Bivi Collection by Turnstone has to be one of the coolest we’ve seen.

The table is the central element of the modular setup, allowing you to literally add desk space, legs, rails, storage areas and more to fashion an entirely different layout.  One desk, for instance, can be quickly expanded into two, by using a two-person tabletop or attaching a second desk with a pair of accompanying legs.  You can also turns a standard rectangular desk into one with rounded sides, as well as fit it with integrated power sources to make everything neat and tidy.

Need storage space on that desk?  Just buy a rail, put it on the side of the desk and hook on one of their floating cabinets to it. Done.  You can also add shelves  (they have display shelves, top shelves and more that you can quickly slot onto the sides and pockets), lamps, screens and even a hoodie (closes off the top and sides) to turn the desk into a more private area.  And if you want a private cubicle, they sell self-standing campfire screens that add temporary walls to any space.

How about less-traditional office setups? Even better.  They have facilities for integrating bike hooks, skateboard racks and even TV mounts into the office layout using any of the modular pieces without doing any construction work.  Suffice to say, they cover some serious ground.

What’s the catch?  Well, the items in Bivi by Turnstone aren’t cheap either.  A standard single-user table with no frills, for instance, goes for $539, while a two-person table sells for $829.  While it will require some investment, these are pieces you can grow your office with, simply adding new items when the need presents itself.