Black & Decker Matrix Makes Your Power Tools Modular

Carrying a full set of power tools isn’t easy.  Those things are big and heavy, after all.  If you’re looking to do handyman jobs without hauling an entire box of power tools, you might want to invest in Black & Decker’s Matrix Quick-Connect system.

While it isn’t the first modular power tool we’ve seen, it’s certainly the most space-saving.  Instead of merely sharing batteries like other modular tools, it allows you to share the same base unit, merely swapping different heads to go from one tool to another.  That swap-in design literally allows you to carry seven different power tools in a single small backpack.  Heck, they can all probably fit in a medium-sized toolbox that you can keep on top of your workshop table.

The Matrix base unit is available in three cordless variants: 12-volt, 20-volt and 4.0 Amp AC.  Each is completely handheld and operable with one hand, so you can easily take them to do neighborhood repair jobs without much hassle.  The base unit comes with a drill/driver head attachment, which can be removed to trade in a sander, an impact driver, an oscillating multi-tool, a jigsaw, a router or a trim saw. Power is provided by a rechargeable built-in lithium-ion battery that can hold a charge up to 18 months.

Pricing for the Matrix Quick Connect base unit will be $39.99, $49.99 and $69.99 for the 12-volt, 24-volt and 4.0 Amp models, respectively.  The rest of the attachments will cost between $29 to $39 each.  They hit stores beginning October.

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