Smartech Robotic Vacuum Compresses Dirt Into Tightly-Packed Disks For Mess-Free Disposal


We love robo-vacs and the way they make keeping your house clean a relatively hands-off affair. Seriously, other than dumping the dirt it collects in the chamber, there’s not much else you need to do. Problem is, dumping all that dust and debris can get kind of messy, too, with occasional spills creating a bit of a mess around the trash can. The Black & Decker Smartech Robotic Vacuum wants to get rid of that remaining sticking point.

Instead of keeping dust, dirt, and debris in their original form in the chamber, the darn thing compresses them into tightly-packed disks that leave them a lot less prone to being released in the air or spilling on the floor. That way, you can dump the collected dirt into the bin without making any mess, making the already simple chore even easier.


The Black & Decker Smartech Robotic Vacuum works like any robo-vac, autonomously cleaning your floors while avoiding walls and dodging obstacles. When paired with an accompanying app, you can program also custom cleaning routines, send it to a specific area of the house, and even drive it manually like a dirt-siphoning RC vehicle. Onboard sensors allow it to identify the surface it’s running on, automatically adjusting its suction power as the surface type requires.


Features include customizable colored LEDs on top for a little light-up distraction, a one-liter dirt chamber, anti-tangle bristles, and three cleaning modes (auto, quick, and spot clean). The integrated battery is rated for up to 90 minutes of operation.

Slated for availability later in the year, the Black & Decker Smartech Robotic Vacuum is priced starting at $349.

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