Black + Decker Snake Light Uses A 22-Inch Long Body That Can Twist, Bend, And Wrap To Give You Creative Mounting Options

Some work lights can be hung on hooks for mounting onto a high angle. Others clip onto surface edges and some snap onto ferromagnetic surfaces. The Black + Decker Snake Light, on the other hand, uses its serpent-like body to wrap around objects, making it just that much more fun to use.

That’s right, this work light has a long and flexible gooseneck body that you can twist, bend, and wrap at will, allowing for plenty of creative mounting options. Whether you need a work light for DIY jobs around the apartment, a desk light for when you’re doing arts and crafts on the bedroom desk, or just a handy light you can hang anywhere when you need extra illumination, this thing will definitely get the job done.

The Black + Decker Snake Light actually has two separate lighting elements, making it especially versatile to use on the job. On one end, you get a large space light that you can use for general illumination needs, while the other end sports a smaller, directional light that’s ideal for shining a more concentrated beam in one direction. The bulb-style light can deliver a maximum brightness of 500 lumens, so it can brighten up a desk pretty well, while the smaller light on the opposite end puts out 150 lumens, which should be more than sufficient for use as a flashlight or book light.

The built-in 3.6V battery is rated keep the bigger light running for around 15 hours at the lowest setting, while the small light can run up to 4.5 hours at a steady 150-lumen brightness. How long can it go at the full 500 lumens for the big light? We’re not sure, but we imagine you’ll be lucky to get an hour’s worth of runtime with this thing. Yeah… best keep a power bank nearby to make sure you have enough juice to keep the work going.

The Black + Decker Snake Light has a flexible coil measuring 22 inches long, with the whole thing spanning 26 inches with the two lighting elements at the end included.  The flexible coil can be shaped like a stand for use like an adjustable table lamp, although it can also be wrapped on poles, beams, and larger hooks for positioning at a raised angle. In case there are no viable structures for mounting the braided coil body, you can easily wear it around your neck like you’re some kind of mythological snake god, wrapping whichever you’re not using around the neck to secure the whole thing. Heck, you can even wrap this around your arm if you want to get more precise lighting angles. Suffice to say, that snaking body makes it very versatile.

Everything is controlled from a single button on the end containing the larger light. To use, simply keep pressing it to cycle among the different settings, so this should be easy enough to use. The body, by the way, is made from braided fiberglass, so this should hold up to job sites pretty well.

The Black + Decker Snake Light is available now.

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