Black Walnut Tray Houses Your Wireless Apple Peripherals

Sleek accessories deserve a classy  hiding space – not a shoebox that came with the last pair of sneakers you purchased online.  For your wireless Apple peripherals, the Black Walnut Tray looks really fitting.

Created by Combine Collective, the trays use sustainably-harvested wood from Canada, carved and joined into gorgeous finished products by local artists in Vancouver.  All materials and finishes are non-toxic, making it just as friendly to your health as it is soft on the eyes.

The Black Walnut Tray come in three varieties: one with space for the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, one with space for the keyboard and a Magic Trackpad, and one with space for both of those and an Apple Remote.  All of them measure just under an inch thick and weigh in the neighborhood of two pounds.  The keyboard and keyboard/trackpad versions have 20- x 8-inch dimensions, while the three-in-one tray is slightly larger at 21 x 8 inches.

Both whole and solid-joined hardwoods are used in the construction, along with water-based glue and a food-safe oil finish.  According to the makers, every aspect of the design and production have been made with sustainability in mind.

The Black Walnut Keyboard Tray retails for $69, with the keyboard/trackpad combo going for  $74 and the keyboard/trackpad/remote model selling for $79.

[Combine Collective via Gizmodo]