Black+Blum Launch Hot Pot BBQ And Lunch Pot At ICFF 2011

Black + Blum design recently introduced two new products to their growing line of aesthetically pleasing yet fully functional products. Both Hot-Pot BBQ and the Lunch Pot were on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2011 held from May 14, through May 17, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. The award winning company has been producing innovative consumer products since its founding in 1988 and always manage to surprise and amaze with their offerings; these newest items in their catalogue serve to solve familiar problems in an innovative and stylish way.

The Hot-Pot BBQ at first glance appears to be a simple terracotta pot. Closer inspection however reveals that the Hot-Pot BBQ contains a fully functioning BBQ grill within its base. When not grilling, the Hot-Pot’s top can be used to grow herbs and or vegetables. When BBQ time arrives simply remove the lid and begin grilling, using your fresh herbs and veggies to accompany the meal. This unique setup is ideal for city dwellers with limited space, or for anyone who appreciated multi-functional space-saving designs.

The Lunch Pot includes two sturdy microwave safe containers which nestle together in a convenient carrying strap. Each container maintains the temperature of the food within, independent of the other. The Lunch Pot is the perfect solution for transporting hot and cold meal combinations to the office or, anywhere else, in style. After meal time, the smaller Lunch Pot container can be placed in the larger one for easy transport. Lunch Pot containers and accompanying “spork” accessory, are fully dishwasher safe.

The Hot-Pot BBQ will be available in May, of 2011 with a suggested retail price of $124.The Lunch Pot will also be available May, 2011 and has a suggested retail price of $22.

Black + Blum prides itself on creating artfully styled products which also serve useful purposes. With the Hot-Pot and Lunch-Pot, Black +Blum have succeeded in creating two new products which creatively respond to the demands of modern life, and yet manage to look good while doing it.

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