BlackforceOne Corvette Draws Inspiration From Presidential Plane, Runs 0 To 60 In 3.4s


No, it's not Obama's personal sportscar, even if the chosen moniker might suggest it.  It looks nothing like the Boeing Air Force One either, though Loma Performa thinks otherwise ("It is clearly reminiscent," they argue).  Regardless, their BlackforceOne Corvette is an absolute thing of beauty.

Based off a regular C6 Corvette, the modified performer does bring a number of tasty updates that could make you feel like you're the Prez of the most powerful country in the world.  Yep, just like China's Hu Jintao.  Right on.


The BlackforceOne rocks a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that pumps out 783 horsepower, sprinting from 0 to 60 in a brutal 3.4 seconds with a conservative top speed of 205 mph.   It comes with plenty of adjustable fittings (rebound dampers, suspension pressure, stabilisers, etc.), carbon ceramic disc brakes and tons of mechanical upgrades, including carbon fiber on everything (sports clutch, drive shaft and more).

All electrical systems have been retained in the cockpit, while adding a ton of luxury features (carbon fiber finish, Alcantara covers, refitted seats).  Buyers get a choice of either matte black (Stealth), matte grey (Eurofighter) and matte white (White Storm) finish.

Production will be limited to 25 units, with prices starting at a presidential figure of 190,000 Euros. The BlackforceOne Corvette will be formally shown off at the Essen Motor Show (Nov. 28 to Dec. 6).

[LOMA Performance via Autoblog]