Blackhawk Secretary Trunk: A Home Office You Can Fold Into An Armored Case

Restoration Hardware’s secretary trunks make for a neat and compact home office that you can literally push around any corner of the house.  Their newest one, the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk, sheds the wooden antique aesthetic of their previous models, dressing itself up in aircraft-inspired skin.

Don’t worry, that shell isn’t decked in a thick slab of metal armor that requires you to grow superhero muscles in order to wheel the trunk around.  Instead, the 6-foot tall office on wheels is actually made of solid hardwood that’s just wrapped in a layer of polished aluminum to achieve the military warplane effect.

Like the rest of the company’s hand-built trunks, the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk features a flip-out work desk with space underneath for your legs to rest comfortably under, three large open shelves, a couple of overhead cabinets and multiple drawers (lined with cotton canvas) of varying sizes.  Closed up, it measures 41 x 30 x 77 inches (w x d x h), allowing you to push it right next to most any wall in the house so it stays out of the way.

According to Restoration Hardware, the polished aluminum with exposed steel screws are inspired by the “gleaming nose cones and fuselages” of military aircrafts during the middle of the 20th century.  Oh yeah, they’re also selling a Blackhawk Media Cabinet if you want to outfit your entertainment room with the same undeniably macho aesthetic.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a space-saving home office solution, the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk should make for one stylish choice.  That is, if you can afford the wallet-busting $4,295 price tag.

[Restoration Hardware]