Blackprints: Stylish Vehicle Prints For Classy Gearheads


Looking for automotive prints to hang on that blank space on your wall?  Skip the gawdy poster prints and grab yourself one of these stylish Blackprints from Sabrina Chun.

Designed to adorn your wall without the usual gearhead aesthetic, the photographic prints use inverse black and white imagery to capture a minimalist visual.  None of the loud colors and tacky flashiness of the supercar posters that adorned your dorm room back in the day; instead, these prints will look right at home in a living room of a grown man who owns a proper suit and has a proper job.

Blackprints aren’t just poster prints either.  Instead, they’re photograph-quality prints lasered onto 80-pound card stock with a matte finish.  The black and white, minimalist aesthetic highlights the car’s form, showing off the machines’ timeless beauty without the distracting details of a regular full-color print.  They come as purely prints, though, so you’ll have to frame them yourself if you’re no longer into taping prints up a wall, being a grown man who wears a suit to an actual office job and all.

Prints are available for eight different iconic vehicles, namely Porsche 911, 1967 Mustang GT500, DeLorean DMC-12 (the Back to the Future ride), Volkswagen Microbus, Shelby Cobra, Ford Model T, Lamborghini Countach and Ghostbusters Ecto-1.  They offer prints in two sizes, as well: 6 x 9 inches and 24 x 38 inches.

The best part?  The Blackprints, currently collecting pledges on Kickstarter, are priced very modestly.  You can reserve yourself one of the small prints starting at $9 and one of the larger prints at just $39.

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