You Can’t Cut This: BladeX5 Gloves

If you’re going to be handling sharp objects, you’re going to get cut.  Doesn’t matter how good of a butcher, glass cutter or knife juggler you are — accidents can and will happen.  The  BladeX5 Gloves offer a way to protect yourself when those accidents come to pass.

While they look like flimsy fabric work gloves, the handwear is actually cut- and slash-resistant, giving your mitts protective covers that keep them as soft as a princess who never worked a day in her life (or something like that).  That way, you can slice that tomato while holding it in hand without worrying about ending up with a large slit across your palm. If you’re wondering why we recommend slashing tomatoes while it sits in your hand, we’re not really sure — it just sounds awesome.

Already got a pair of leather gloves to keep your hands safe?  Well, you might want to keep them as your backup handwear, since the BladeX5 Gloves are made from an exclusive cut-resistant fiber blend that boasts four times greater strength than leather, so it should offer even better protection.  It’s rated as cut resistant to CE Level 5 and is deemed ideal for industrial work, such as using cutting machines and handling sharp glass.

We’re, of course, not sure whether this will help keep your hands unblemished if you’re attacked by an Elite Killer from the 12th Century, but wounded hands will probably be the least of your problems in that situation.  The BladeX5 Gloves are available from Amazon, priced at $13.59.

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