Blandito Is A Giant Pillow/Mattress Burrito

We can’t tell how comfortable (or uncomfortable) the Blandito is, but I have to say: it looks awesome.  Not only will it make for a sweet wraparound pillow/mattress/blanket — it can be repurposed for a whole lot of uses while chilling around the house, too.

Created by  Oradaria Design, it’s billed as a “transformable pad for lazy living.”  And by transform, they’re not kidding, since you can fold it and roll it and turn it into a wide host of things — from a sleeping mat to a chair to a loveseat to a bolster pillow to a couple other things you can dream up.

The Blandito starts out life as a round and cushy mat that lies flat on the floor.  Using oversized buttons and hook straps installed along the edges, you can fashion it into numerous shapes, many of which look like you’re being swallowed by a giant burrito (or, in some cases, a giant clam).  It looks like a great play mat for kids, since they can play in it, sleep in it and even play with it.

Unfortunately, the Blandito is only listed as “coming soon” on the Italian outfit’s website, without much details and specifics.  It’s pretty awesome, though, so we do hope it actually hits stores.

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