Blank Label Lets You Create Custom Dress Shirts From Your Browser

It’s not the first co-created dress shirt we’ve seen, but Blank Label’s design-it-yourself men’s clothing handily distinguishes itself with its affordability.  With made-to-order dress shirts starting at $45, it’s easily one of the most accessible ways to customize your business casual wardrobe.

Founded by Fan Bi and Danny Wong, the service lets you channel your inner Marc Jacobs and devise your own set of collared tops.  You put it together like you’re dressing up an Xbox Live avatar, choosing from a predefined set of shirt components, all while watching a visual image of the expected finished product.  Sure, your inner Marc Jacobs will probably have the same bad taste you have now, but, at least, you’re wearing something original.

Blank Label lets you customize almost everything that goes into the shirt, including fabrics (you can use different ones on a single shirt for contrast), collar size (wide, buttoned, narrow or normal), placket style (standard, French or covered), shoulders (military, double strip or bare), pockets (double, flapped, notched or bare), buttons, overall fit and more.  While the process involved is as simple as clicking on pictures, the resulting personalized creations do prove downright stylish (well, if you do it right) – a definite step-up from the typical off-the-rack garments otherwise populating your closet.

Fashioning and ordering a shirt takes around 10 minutes, with the designs forwarded to tailors sequestered somewhere in Shanghai.  Delivery takes between three to four weeks, with an express option that gets you the personalized threads within 10 days (yes, direct from China).

You can try out Blank Label’s custom dress shirt web app from the link below.

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