Blank Slate Hanging Board Adds Rock Climbing To Your Workout

You’ve already changed up your home gym workouts in a big way, adding a few rope climbing exercises and sledgehammer training to your program.  But you’re bored again.  How about throwing in a little rock climbing to the mix?  Don’t worry, we don’t mean turning your living room walls into a climbing course — just install this Blank Slate Climbing Training Board and you’ve got all the equipment you need.

Designed to mount on door frames, it installs just like those home pull-up bars you find on every sporting goods store.  Except instead of just offering a bar for pulling your body up, you also get multiple climbing holds that let you simulate hanging off a piece of rock at the edge of a cliff, clinging for your dear life.

While it includes a bar for doing pull-ups, the Blank Slate Climbing Training Board’s main feature is the big slab of birchwood (30 x 19 inches), which has pre-drilled holes where you can install a variety of holds.   You can put the holds on any of the 17 designated areas, rearranging layouts depending on the kind of training you’re looking for.  The board’s height can be adjusted within the frame, too, so even your leprechaun best friend can get some training when you step out of the house.

It can fit in most any doorway, although a minimum 10 inches of space between the top of the door trim to the ceiling is required.  While stability looks suspect, its creators claim the board can sustain even folks up to 300 pounds.  The holds are sold separately, though, so you’ll have to fork out a little cash if you’re looking for a complete set.

The Blank Slate Climbing Training Board is available now, priced at $129.