BlendQuik Boasts A Better Portable Blender With More Blades, Bigger Power, And A More Convenient Design

Like other portable blenders, the BlendQuik allows you to make smoothies on the go. Unlike them, you can sip your smoothie directly from the blender’s vessel, sparing you from having to pour it out to a separate cup, making your on-the-go refreshments a lot simpler.

Standard portable blenders tend to look one way: it has a slim transparent jar that connects to a base that houses a bladed motor and an integrated battery. To make a smoothie, you put the ingredients in the jar, put the base on top, turn the whole thing over, and press the button to get the motor running. Once it’s done, you flip it over again and remove the base to enjoy the drink. While simple enough, it does require taking apart a base that’s likely dripping with icy ingredients, which can make for a messy affair. Not quite the case here.

The BlendQuik works similarly in that you get a clear vessel that you fill with ingredients and a motorized component that screws over its opening. Instead of a tall and slim jar, though, it comes with a mason jar, complete with a handle, making it a lot easier to carry in hand, all while having a 14oz capacity. Like other portable blenders, you’ll need to turn it over with the blades at the bottom to properly mix through the contents. Unlike them, however, it uses a 10-blade system that, the outfit claims, allows it to crush ice, frozen fruits, nuts, carrots, and all sorts of tougher food items with ease. When combined with the 18,000 max RPM, it’s supposedly powerful enough to perform at a 50 percent higher efficiency compared to standard four-blade portable blenders.

According to BlendQuik, that’s enough to let it crank out fresh smoothies, protein shakes, fresh juices, and frozen cocktails of all sorts in one minute or less, so you can enjoy your drinks in short order. Even better, it doesn’t require separating the base from the jar, as the base also doubles as a lid with an opening you can stick a straw in or drink from directly. That’s right, there’s no need to remove the motorized section at any time.

The BlendQuik comes with an integrated battery that’s rated to provide up to a dozen blends on a single charge, so you can enjoy a good load of drinks before the battery conks out. Of course, you’ll still need to clean it with every recipe, so you’ll still have to wash it out with water at the least, but being able to whip up 12 smoothie recipes between charges sure makes it very handy. It comes with a number of safety features, too. For instance, the motor will not turn on unless the base is secured to the jar, while overload protection and overcharge protection ensures you won’t encounter ay battery issues. Other features include a LED indicator showing power levels, water-resistant construction, an included reusable straw, and a fully spill-proof design.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for BlendQuik. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $79.

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