Bliss Triple, The World’s Largest Portable Hammock


Elephants and hammocks rarely go together.  While I’m not sure if the Hammock Bliss Triple can actually swing and sway an actual elephant (a baby Dumbo, perhaps?), it does offer to carry considerably more load than the typical hanging sack.

Billed as the world’s largest portable hammock, it measures over eight feet wide and close to ten feet long, allowing for two or more people to comfortably make bed (unless it’s Shaquille O’ Neal and an elephant, probably).  That means plenty of leg room to twist and turn over, allowing you to have an epileptic attack without ever falling down (tasteless joke, please forgive me).


The Bliss Triple can be folded up and neatly tucked into an attached pouch that can easily slot in your bag, adding only 26 ounces of heft on your equipment set.  Despite the portability, it’s incredibly strong, easily managing up to 770lbs of weight (or 550lbs, depending on how you interpret that secret, coded marketing spiel on the manufacturer site).  Canvas is built out of 100% nylon (the breathable, parachute variety), with 100 inches of 6mm climbing rope on each side.

If you’ve been looking for equipment to enjoy the rest of the summer with, a hammock should easily count as a very attractive piece to get.  It’s creates an instant snuggle opportunity for that half-drunk 10 you picked up while cavorting at the beach bar.  Even better, you can pick up two 5s and still manage to fit in.  Unless you’re Shaquille O’ Neal, that is.

The Hammock Bliss Triple is currently available for $75.

[Hammock Bliss via Uncrate]