Blofield DoNuts Is An Inflatable Picnic Table

Blofield’s roster of inflatable sofas and party loungers are quite impressive, managing to look moderately classy, all while serving genuinely useful seating function.  While they look like they will be fun to bring to the next family outing, they present a new problem entirely: what the heck will you use for tables?  The Blofield DoNuts has you covered on that end.

An inflatable picnic table, it consists of a donut-shaped seating panel with a plastic table attached on top, with room for up to six people to comfortably share.  From the photos, it looks more suited for three, although six can probably fit if they don’t mind squeezing in tightly.

Designed by Dirk Wynants, the Blofield DoNuts can be ordered in a variety of fabric finishes, patterns and colors, so you can easily find ones that suit your aesthetic preferences.  Each one is UV-proof and weatherproof, making it ideal for taking out in the backyard during barbecues, hauling down the park for a comfortable picnic, and even packing into your truck for camping on the weekend.  It comes with an electric pump for quickly inflating and deflating, making it convenient to use anywhere, and a smart valve system to prevent too much air pressure.

While the design isn’t quite as striking as Blofield’s sofas, the system does look very functional.  Suffice to say, this should be good for use during drinks, meals, and maybe even for getting a bit of work done.

Although most inflatable furniture are priced on the cheap, Blofield’s creations have always been aimed at the luxury crowd.  And the Blofield DoNuts stays faithful to that, retailing for $2,400.

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