Blood Bath Shower Gel Gets You Bloody Clean

We know, you vampires don’t care about no bacteria. That’s why you don’t bother washing a prey’s neck before biting it. Regardless, all that running around in graveyards and chasing for victims in stinky alleys can leave you dirty, so bathing like the rest of us remains in order. Except your immortal buddies make fun of you when you take a bath. What to do?

Soap yourself up with the Blood Bath Shower Gel, a syrupy body cleanser that lets you pretend you’re bathing in blood. Now, that’s cool. And no one’s gonna make fun of you now.

We know, you wish they just used cleaning agents mixed with real blood. If that happened, though, there’s a good chance you’ll be drinking the shower gel instead of washing your armpit with it. Then you’ll blow bubbles every time you hiccup, which isn’t that funny when you’re a corpse that feeds on the living.

The Blood Bath Shower Gel comes in an IV-style blood bag, measuring 1.75 x 4.25 x .7 inches. Package is designed for hanging, so you need to hook it on a stake driven to the wall or right on the shower. It supposedly has the feel and consistency of thick blood, all while rocking the scent of sweet cherry.

Thinkgeek has it for $8.99.

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