Bloqbag Backpack Can Be Expanded By Simply Snapping On Pouches


It’s not the first time we’ve seen a modular backpack. We’ve seen multiple bag designs that you can expand with extra pouches and compartments as the need arises from one day to the next, after all. The Bloqbag, however, might just be our favorite implementation of the expandable concept.

Using several columns of connectors on the front of the bag, the backpack can take an assortment of individual pouches that you simply snap on and off at will. We’re particularly fond of the connector design, which are spaced evenly in both rows and columns throughout the entire front surface of the bag, allowing you to really maximize the amount of compartments you can tack onto the original pack.


The Bloqbag comes in a rectangular profile with a flat front panel, making it easy to snap those pockets onto the connectors. Those connectors on the backpack itself are largely passive, while those on the expansion compartment come with magnetic locks that secure everything in place. To install a pouch, simply snap it on; to remove it, slide off to disengage the magnetic mechanism before taking the whole thing off. Six pouches of different sizes are available, each of which are made of polyester with PVC coating, with plans to add an insulated cooler pouch and a first aid pouch.

Two sizes of the bag are available: 24 Pack (11 x 17 inches) and 12 Pack (8.5 x 11 inches). The former comes with six rows of connectors with four columns each for 24 total, while the latter gets four rows and three columns for a total of 12. Due to their sizes, the outfit recommends using the larger one if you’re carrying a laptop and the smaller if you’re traveling with a tablet.


The 24 Pack Bloqbag comes with two padded sleeves (one for a laptop and another for a tablet), three zippered pockets, and an expandable zipper that adds three inches to the thickness of the bag, while the 12 Pack gets one padded sleeve, two zippered pockets, and the same expandable zipper. Both bags are water-resistant, complete with waterproof zippers, so your gear is fully protected no matter the weather you’re facing outside.

Aside from its expandable design, the bag also comes with multi-purpose straps that allow you to carry it either as a backpack, a messenger, or a sling bag. The smaller one can even be carried like a waist pack for all-around versatility. Construction is duck cotton with PVC backing and a Double Dee reinforced ripstop liner, ensuring it’s durable both inside and out. The base bags are only available in black, although the expansion pouches come in black, white, green, and blue.


Don’t want those expansion modules scattered around the bedroom when you’re not using them? The outfit also sells what they call a base station, which is a wall-mountable strip of wood with connectors along its length that you can use to hang the individual compartments in a tidy manner when you’re not using them.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Bloqbag. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $149.

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