Blown Glass Fish Bowl Puts Your Fish Inside A Stylish Fish

Yo, I heard you like fish, so we put a fish in your fish, so you can fish in a fish!  I can totally imagine designer Alessandra Baldereschi exclaiming that as she shows off her Blown Glass Fish Bowl, a small aqua tank pimped in the shape of a cold-blooded aquatic vertebrate.

The stylish fish bowl measures 43 x 21 x 23 centimeters and should have enough swimming space for two goldfish (three, if they don’t mind regularly bumping onto each other).  If you’re not into fish, it could make for a stylish vase, too, apart from being an attractive decorative piece.

As the name makes certain, it’s made from blown glass.  We’re not sure what kind of fish it actually is, but it looks like a cross between a whale and a mutant sea creature with both eyes on the left side of its face.  Which happens to be awesome.  When I’m reincarnated as a mutant child in the post-apocalyptic decaying earth, I hope God gives me two eyes on the left side of my face, too.

The Blown Glass Fish Bowl is currently available from UK store Skitsch.  Unfortunately, blowing glass into a fish shape apparently isn’t cheap and the thing retails for a pricey 280 Euros (around $380).

[Skitsch via ApartmentTherapy]