Blue Spark Digital Boasts Pro Quality Recording On The iPad

While the Blue Spark Digital isn’t the most mobile microphone you can use with your iPad, it does bring features you can’t get from any other iPad-compatible mic in the market today.  Billed as the “first studio-grade condenser” to offer both a USB and a 30-pin connector, it can deliver high-fidelity recording and consistent performance better than all the other mics you’ve tried with your iOS machine.

Styled with vintage looks, it makes recording sessions look more professional — like old school disc jockeys straight out of a black and white film.  And since it’s got those two plugs, you can use it whether you’re on the road with your iPad or in the basement studio with your desktop machine.

The Blue Spark Digital is the digital version of the company’s Spark XLR studio mic, sporting the same condenser capsule and hand-tuned components as the analog original.   That means, it’s not just for recording clear podcasts — it’s for picking up sounds from guitar, drums and other musical instruments at a professional quality, too.

Features include two sonic signatures (that you can switch between at the push of a button), a headphone out (for monitoring) and onboard controls (volume, gain, mute).  It also comes with an adjustable desk stand that integrates a built-in shock mount to keep it steady during rowdier sessions with your friends.   Works plug-and-play with recording software on PCs, Macs and iOS, too.

While I don’t know if we can technically call it “professional recording” as their marketing line does, the Blue Spark Digital does appear to offer the best recording option for the iPad right now.   Price is $199.

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