BlueGuard Adds Bluetooth-Power To Your Garage Doors


Since your phone does pretty much everything else, why not add in one more feature – opening your gates and garage doors.  If you own a Bluetooth-enabled handset, you should easily pull it off using BlueGuard, a cylindrical gadget that hooks up to door opening systems, activating it when a designated phone is detected within range.

Designed to work with gates, overhead doors (such as those in garages) and parking barriers, BlueGuard removes the need to push any buttons to activate the door mechanisms, performing the process automatically once a valid phone ID is recognized within the area.  Each device can be programmed to spot up to 10 different Bluetooth profiles the moment they come to within 33 feet.

If hands-free garage door operation floats your boat, BlueGuard should be a fairly affordable and effective way to get it.  To avoid triggering the opening mechanism when you’re just lounging outside the house, it offers an additional setting to activate only when a vehicle is present (via an optional loop detector).  Programming mode is PIN-protected so sneaky folks can’t just try and add their own profiles to the setting.

Outfitting your garage door to recognize its phone-toting masters with BlueGuard will cost you $200.  Everything really does seem better when you add in Bluetooth, doesn’t it?

[BlueGuard via Coolest Gadgets]