Bluelounge CableDrop


Is it not just always the case that the things that entertain us most are the simple little ones? Or is that just me and my small mind? One example of that especially when it comes to cool cable management is Cablox. And now, there is also Bluelounge CableDrop.

Bluelounge has taken us back to basics for their latest product release. Gadgetry does not always have to be about big, fast, fancy, high end, technologically advanced little gizmos with the same amount of electrical consumption as a small city. Really, it doesn’t. In fact Bluelounge’s new CableDrops are essentially designed to help you manage all the electricals you have already been spending your pay packet on.


These are essentially just adhesive clips. But that isn’t quite as thoughtless as it sounds. This is one of those infuriating “how did I not think of that first?” ideas. You get six of these in a pack and they’re available in a range of both loud and bright colors and subtle colors too. They are adhesive backed round little plastic (I think) clips shaped in such a way that you can push your cables into them and hold your wires in place. It’s certainly a much tidier and neater looking alternative to tonnes of tape.

As simple and cheap as this is, they’re hugely convenient for those of us who have a ton of gadgets with wires, whether it be electrical that need to plug into the wall or your ever growing collection of peripherals running from USB ports on your computer. You can arrange the clips are you like and they will hold your cables in place, which means you can channel your wires as you wish, keep them separate and hold them in a convenient yet neat place. This certainly takes the hassle out of separating the spaghetti like nightmare of entangled wires behind your computer desk. Really a very clever and cool product!

Bluelounge Cabledrop