An Automatic Call Recording Feature Sets The Bluewire Apart From All Other Bluetooth Headsets


Emails and text messages have one distinct advantage over phone calls: as long as you don’t delete them, you can always refer to them later, whether you’re trying to remember a piece of information, settling a dispute, or clarifying an agreement. And while there are ways to set up your phone so that every call that comes through gets recorded, Bluewire wants to make it a painless process.

A Bluetooth headset, it comes with an auto-recording feature that commits all your smartphone and VoIP conversations to its onboard memory. That way, you can keep a record of past conversations you may need to refer to later, making them as easily accessible as emails and text messages.


Bluewire works just like any Bluetooth headset, allowing you to take calls hands-free up to 33 feet away from your phone. All recorded calls are individually saved to the built-in 16GB storage, each of which you can play back and manage from the accompanying app (iOS and Android). If you just finished a call that you’d like to send to your email, simply take the earpiece off and tap it to your phone (provided your phone has NFC), at which point it will be automatically transferred to your email inbox. Even better, the Bluewire offers the option of being used strictly as a recording device, in case you get a call while riding and need to rely on your specialty motorcycle headset.


We don’t know about the legality of recording phone calls where you live, but if it won’t get you in legal hot water, the Bluewire seems like a terrific device for keeping a record of important phone calls you’d like to have on tap. It’s currently raising funds for a production run on Indiegogo, with pledges to reserve a unit starting at $149.

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