BMW CE 02 Electric Moto Looks Tailor-Built For The TikTok Generation

Two years ago, we were introduced to the BMW CE 04, an all-electric two-wheeler that looks like some kind of futuristic moped. At the time, it was never really clear whether BMW considered it a moped, an electric motorcycle, or something in between. With the new BMW CE 02, the outfit continues to refuse any of those categories, instead opting to call their new ride an “eParkourer.”

What the heck is an eParkourer? Apparently, it’s what these kinds of motorcycles are called in BMW’s metaverse and this new vehicle represents the outfit bringing that to life. We know… we had no idea BMW had a metaverse, either, but apparently, the automaker is one of the companies still trying to make their own virtual world happen.

The BMW CE 02 is an electric motorcycle that’s actually smaller and less powerful than the CE 04, making for a casual ride that performs more comparably to mopeds than full-fledged motorcycles. It’s powered by an air-cooled electric motor that puts out just 15 horsepower and 40.6 pound-feet of torque, allowing it to go from 0 to 31 mph in a respectable three seconds and hit top speeds of 59 mph. There’s also an even more low-powered version that produces a mere five horsepower for a 28-mph top speed. That’s right, there’s a version that will be running at what’s essentially e-bike speeds destined for markets where younger motorists can get a moped and scooter license (e.g. Germany).

Range is pretty decent, with a rating of 56 miles using two 1.96-kWh battery packs. The batteries are removable, by the way, allowing you to park the motorcycle and charge the batteries indoors. The standard charger delivers 0.9kW, which can fill up the battery in a little over five hours of plugging in, although you can also opt for the quick charger, which delivers 1.5 kW and fully charges the whole in 3.5 hours.

The BMW CE 02 features automatic stability control, along with recuperation stability control, which should help new riders keep it balanced on the road, while reverse assistance is also onboard to make backing out of sticky spots just a little easier. Only two drive modes come standard, namely Flow and Surf, with a sportier Flash mode available as part of an upgrade package. Additionally, there’s a power-saving mode that electronically limits power output to 4kW, which you can switch on when you need to conserve battery life to maximize range.

It has a low seat height of just 29.5 inches, albeit with a long saddle that should let you accommodate one passenger, as well as a 3.5-inch TFT display to keep the rider informed of the ride status at all times and even an optional phone dock to use your phone as a secondary display. Features include a hydraulically damped upside-down telescopic fork, cast-aluminum single-sided rear swingarm with adjustable coil shocks, 14-inch cast aluminum disc wheels, dual-piston disc brakes and ABS in front, single-piston disc brake in the rear, and full front and rear lighting.

The BMW CE 02 is scheduled to hit the US later in the year, priced starting at $7,599.

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