BMW M Bike: M Stands For…Manual Pedaling?

When luxury automobile manufacturers get into making mechanical rides, it’s hard not to take notice. That’s why the BMW M Bike, a limited-edition pedal-pusher from the German automaker, is getting plenty of attention.

It’s hard to gauge just how well this bike will ride, given that our experience of the company have been mostly relegated to cars and motorcycles. While I doubt this can stand up to your top-of-the-line road bikes, BMW should make up for it with its bevy of shiny parts – highest-quality leather for the seat with a striking red inlay, eye-popping rims and a generally elegant styling.

The 2.9kg BMW M Bike features a BMW-designed all-aluminum frame with a matte anthracite finish, a Manitou Match suspension fork with an 80mm deflection, Shimano SLX gear system boasting a high gear ratio transmission, a fi’zi:k leather saddle and disc brakes. There doesn’t appear to be any direct correlation with the BMW M series of cars, apart from the branding, although the company claims it bears extraordinary and unique qualities that keep it on par with the popular motorsport line.

BMW is selling the bikes alongside a slew of fitting accessories released under the M Collection. Items include the all-leather M Cabin Bag and the M Shoes (a leather-nylon pair of sneakers co-developed with Puma).

Slated for availability in June, the BMW M Bike can be purchased in three different frame heights. No pricing was given.

[BMW via BMW Blog]