BMW MINI Goes Wild With Katy Perry


Is the MINI too tame of a luxury compact for your tastes?  How about dressing it up in gaudy shades of pink then finishing the job with black and “hot pink” leopard prints?   I don’t know if that makes it cool or trashy, but I’ll let you be the judge with this one-off Katy Perry-inspired Life Ball MINI Convertible.

Designed by popular American duo, The Blonds, the touch-up job was made for the upcoming 2009 Life Ball, Europe’s largest AIDS and HIV charity event.  It will be offered in a prize draw to be held as part of the celebrations.

“Sparkling, dazzling and dramatic,” that’s how The Blonds’ work has been referred to many times in the past.  BMW probably had the same effect in mind when they commissioned the twosome to deck out their convertible for the event.  Whether they got automotive couture or an exercise in bad taste (again, choice is up to you), the 2009 Life Ball MINI can be won at the cost of a 10 Euro ticket.

Regardless of your own feelings about the Katy Perry styling, the MINI is one hot piece of ride, being the only open-top high-end compact car in the market.  As with regular models, it features the vehicle’s fuel-saving innovations and minimalist design.

The 17th annual event of the Life Ball is scheduled to be held this May 16th in Vienna.  Katy Perry will be on hand to perform, along with the 2009 Life Ball MINI Convertible.

[via Born Rich]