Boardgame Remix Kit Updates Old Games With New Sets Of Rules

Chances are, you’ve got a dusty old boardgame sitting in a box at some corner of the house.  One that you haven’t played with in years.  Here’s a way to inject new life into it: the Boardgame Remix Kit, which lets you play the old games using an entirely new set of rules.

You’ll still be using the same board and all its accessories.  Except this time, the gameplay has been redesigned to play to the whims and fancies of the current generation.

The Boardgame Remix Kit consists of 25 new sets of game rules to enjoy Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and Cluedo.  Some of the games speed it up to accommodate your ADD; others smoothen out some of the quirks; and a few turn an erstwhile familiar board into an entirely new tabletop pastime. One game, for instance, turns Monopoly into a family poker tournament.  Another morphs Cluedo into a game of zombie invasion.  Ever fancied turning Scrabble into a battle between a wasp and a robot?  Yep, they have that here.

Since they only made up new rules for the games, there’s no need to add any new equipment.  In fact, if anyone will be evil enough to post the new rules on a website (I’m betting this will happen soon if it hasn’t already), all you have to do is print that out and start playing.  Given that the ebook version is just a couple dollars, though, we’re thinking most of you would rather do the right thing here.

The Boardgame Remix Kit  can be bought as an ebook, a physical book, a set of cards or an iPhone app.  Prices vary depending on which one you get (the beautifully printed cards are definitely the nicest option, but they’re also the most expensive). We see a lawsuit (or 12) coming their way soon, but get your hands on ’em while you can.