BoatPack Is A Car Roof Box That Doubles As A Dinghy

Every time you hit the lake, you bring a boatload of gear along with you.  Might as well house all that gear in an actual boat, right?  That’s exactly what you can do with the BoatPack.

Instead of hauling a roof box for your gear and a boat separately, the space-optimizing solution combines them into one, using the boat as a top lid for the roof-mounted container base.  It comes with four hinging points, so you can secure the boat with four Master Lock dialSpeed Padlocks. After reaching your destination, simply remove the boat from the roof assembly, turn it over and get rowing.

The BoatPack is constructed from double-skinned acrylic-capped ABS plastic, making it a perfectly serviceable dinghy, all while doubling as an extra-durable roof box.  Dimensions are 1.8 x 1.04 x 0.59 meters, providing room for up to two people on the water and 650 liters of storage space on top of your car.  It only weighs 20 kg, allowing one person to load and unload it all on their own.  Each set includes the boat, the roof base, a wooden seat, folding oars and a rowlock.

Not a fan of killing your arms rowing up and down the lake?  Not a problem, since it supports attaching of a small motor on the rear, as well as sailing gear (they offer an optional sailing kit), giving you a good set of options for equipping the water vessel.

Granted, the upturned boat design of the BoatPack in roof box mode doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to hold gear (the base usually has to be bigger for boxes to work).  Still, the design looks like it works just fine.  It’s available now, priced at $1,600.

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