Bobble Brush Turns Your Toothbrush Into A Wobbling Spectacle

Need more ways to amuse yourself in the bathroom?  Try the Bobble Brush, a toothbrush holder that makes your teeth-cleaning implement…ummm…dance.

Why make a piece of toiletry sway like a drunk guy falling over?  Because things that move are always more fun than those that remain stationary.  Also, it decreases the possibility that your toothbrush will fall to the bathroom floor when you accidentally knock it, with most bumps likely just causing it to commence with the dizzying wobble.

The Bobble Brush is a weighted, rubberized toothbrush holder with a rounded but well-balanced base, allowing it to wobble in different directions without tipping over.  It’s designed to fit most standard, non-electric toothbrush handles and can be taken apart for easy cleaning.  Three colors are available, none of them being rainbow, which kind of sucks.

Of course, you can always use a beaker or a plastic cup to hold your toothbrush.  While that’s a functional solution, it neither makes the damn thing dance nor does it keep itself from falling over after contact with your clumsy limbs.  And let’s face it, there’s a reason you stay away from the glassware section at Wal-Mart.

Community-developed by those clever folks at Quirky, the Bobble Brush is available in various colors.

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