Bodacious Beach Blanket Solves Pet Peeves When Lounging In The Sand

Lounging in the beach is fun. It could be more fun, though, if you didn’t have to deal with sand on your face, strong winds taking your blanket to the sea and all your stuff getting dirtied up. The Bodacious Beach Blanket looks to save you from all these hassles, coming with numerous provisions that solve every beach-chilling pet peeve imaginable.

Most beach blankets might as well be for the bedroom, since they don’t offer anything special that can make your stay in the sand just a tad more relaxing. Designed by Florida native, Bill Oliver, the new accessory pretty much renders all those other blankets obsolete.

Not only can you drop the Bodacious Beach Blanket on the sand and lay there till you spontaneously combust from too much sun, but it includes a whole host of features that guarantee your time will be as comfortable as possible. It’s made from cushy waterproof nylon (topped with a comfy towel), allowing you to lay down without feeling any of the bumps and little stones underneath,

No space for a blanket? Not a problem, since it folds into a secure bundle with its own strap, allowing you to take it to the beach without needing an extra bag. Forget about bringing a pillow too, since it comes with two inflatable cushions that you can slip into slots right on the top end of the blanket. It has four corner pockets that you can fill with sand (so your blanket stays in place the whole time), waterproof pockets for your gear, a detachable towel and even one secret pocket for your valuables.

Need a better blanket? Look no further than the $60 Bodacious Beach Blanket, which does everything except pick up hot chicks in string bikinis.  Which kind of sucks, since it’s a feature I would have paid an extra $500 for.  Oh well.

[Bodacious Beach Blanket via Thrillist]