Bodum Bistro Flat Toaster Lets You Brown Any Bread

First time you see the Bodum Flat Toaster, you’re thinking “What the heck will I do with a toaster that only browns and crisps one side at a time?”  Then, you realize you can use it to finally toast bread that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a regular pop-up toaster and you’re all ecstatic.  Like, kissing babies and stuff.

Whether you want to toast stale pizza, a hoagie roll or a hotdog bun, this open-faced toaster should do the trick.  If you like your sliced bread just toasted on one side, you can do that, too (it makes no sense, but hey, I’m not judging).

The Bodum Flat Toaster works like a grill in that you just put whatever the heck you want to crisp on top.  With a cooking surface big enough to fit four regular slices of sandwich bread, it gives you a whole load of options in what kinds of doughy concoctions to brown.

The low-profile toaster measures 14.6 x 10.2 x 3 inches, making it easy to find a place for in even the most crowded kitchens (you can stand it on the side for compact storage when not in use).  Construction is stainless steel with that familiar Bodum-style silicone finish.  Nine heat settings are available (including defrost and reheat), giving you plenty of options in how charred you want your bread to get, along with a slide-out crumb tray that collects any droppings from the bread you toast on top.

You can check out the Bodum Flat Toaster’s listing on Amazon.  Price is $136.50.

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