Boltz Cutter Brings Cordless Ultrasonic Cutting in a Compact Package

There’s no shortage of ultrasonic cutters in the market that you can use to make fast high-precision cuts on fabrics, plastics, and all sorts of other objects. Heck, we’ve even seen an ultrasonic knife designed for the home kitchen. So far, though, we haven’t quite seen something like the Boltz Cutter, which comes in a cordless and compact form factor that makes it very convenient to use.

Just like other ultrasonic cutters, the device comes with a blade that vibrates back and forth at a rapid rate, allowing you to cleanly cut through a whole lot of items at a much faster rate than most traditional utility knives. All you need to do is hold it steady and guide it through the cut line and it will do the rest. In this case, though, it’s fully cordless, sparing you from having to work tethered to a nearby box, so you can perform your cuts at the most comfortable positions.

The Boltz Cutter has a motor that allows it to move the blade at a rate of 40,000 vibrations per second, allowing you to make quick work of most cutting jobs. Even better, it runs completely on battery power, so you can work without having wires dangling off the back of your tool.  It comes with eight types of swappable blades, namely a standard cutter blade, a small blade, a medium blade, a large blade, a flat small blade, a larger flat blade, a curved blade, and a saw blade, giving you the option to use the ideal cutting edge for each type of material.

Like other powered blades, accidents can happen with ultrasonic cutters. To help minimize it, the device comes with a sensor that detects movement, so the blade will only vibrate if it detects the device is being used to perform cutting motions, so you’ll have to actually be cutting something in order for it to run. Otherwise, it will automatically pause operation, which should eliminate many of the accidents that can happen when setting the cutter down or repositioning in the table without turning off the motor.

The Boltz Cutter can be charged using a magnetic cable that simply snaps onto the rear end of the device and charges it automatically, making it possible to continue using the tool while charging (provided, of course, you don’t mind using it while tethered to a power source). Alternatively, you can just leave it in the optional charging dock to replenish the battery. According to the outfit, the device is good for around two to four hours of use between charges, with actual runtime depending on the type of blade you’re using and the materials you’re cutting.

Dimensions are 7.7 x 1.1 inches (length x diameter), making it around the size of a thick marker, so you can easily hold it with either a knife grip or a pen grip. It’s lightweight, too, at less than half a pound, ensuring you can do extended cutting jobs without fatiguing your hand.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Boltz Cutter. You’ll need to pledge for the Advanced Kit to get all the accessories (blades and charging dock), which is priced starting at $179.

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