Bon Hiver Freebase Binding Brings Convenience To Snowboarders

Every year, some company somewhere always comes up with a new innovation on snowboard bindings.   Not that we’re any lacking in options right now, from step-ins to baseless to high backs to low backs to speed entry and so on.    So why not one more, right?  The Bon Hiver Freebase Binding System (FBS) looks to be one of the more exciting for this winter, giving powder junkies greater convenience without making compromises on the riding experience.

According to company founder Brendan Walker, the binding system overhauls the means by which snowboards get around the mountain.  Instead of stopping to strap in and out all day, it allows riders to disengage and lock in on the fly.  You can even lock-in hands-free while riding the lift, so you don’t have to worry about the snow.

The Bon Hiver FBS boasts some impressive-sounding locking innovations in their design.  First, it uses a horizontal locking force that ejects the snow laterally; second, it uses a double-redundant helical cam system that allows riders to lock in even when thick snow prevents total clearance; and, last, it provides extra force to remove unwanted compliance even if powder does manage to get between the binding and the board.  Features include a nylon resin highback for maximum flex, EVA padding on the base and highback for shock absorption, reinforced nylon resin binding plate, aluminum heelcup and a flush binding bottom to completely shut out ice.

You can check the Bon Hiver website for videos of folks using the Bon Hiver Freebase Binding System to see how well it works during actual use.  It’s available in several models, with prices starting at $269.