Use Bondic For Repair Jobs That Super Glue Just Ain’t Equipped To Handle


Super glue is awesome, allowing you to fix broken items that regular adhesives wouldn’t otherwise be able to handle. And while Bondic looks just like regular super glue, it’s designed for those really tough jobs even super glue isn’t equipped to manage.

Described as “the world’s first liquid plastic welder,” it’s being touted as the adhesive you turn to when the super glue just can’t get the job done.   Not only can you use it for heavy items like metals that glue won’t be strong enough to support, it can work even better on rough surfaces with undercuts, too.


Even better, Bondic won’t just harden within seconds after being applied. Instead, it will remain in fluid form, allowing you to perform all the adjustments you need to ensure everything is lined up just right, apart from making it easy to clean up any accidental spills (just wash or wipe it off). To make it harden, you simply hit the liquid with a blast from the accompanying UV LED for four seconds, after which it will bond permanently. The only limitation is that the surface being bonded should be clean and free from grease – if you can get that part done, things should be fine.

The product page instructs that the material should be used with the principles of welding in mind, rather than gluing. Hence, they recommend applying it in layers, using a coating that’s 1.5mm thick or less each time around. The best part? It hardens into plastic, which, unlike other DIY repair products like Sugru, you can sand or file much later to form it into a nice-looking shape.

Bondic is available now, priced at $21.99 for a Starter Kit.

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