BondicEVO: Use This Versatile Liquid Plastic To Fix Everything


We’re big fans of Bondic, the plastic welding substance that originally came out in 2014. With its ability to create new plastic material for bonding, fixing, and filling stuff, it has become the go-to repair solution for problems that super glue and similar products just aren’t equipped to handle. This year, they’re turning out the second generation of the product with the BondicEVO.

A modified version of the plastic welding tool, the new product retains the same formula as the original Bondic, all while coming with a new design for both the pen applicator and the UV curing agent. To the unfamiliar, the original used separate tools for the applicator and the UV light, so you first apply the product using the pen, then pick up the UV light to cure it.


The BondicEVO, on the other hand, combines both items in a single handheld tool, so you can quickly switch to curing the plastic as soon as you apply it by simply turning on the light and aiming the lighted tip at the specific area. With two tools in one, it’s also a little bigger in size than the old design, which should make it a whole lot harder to lose and misplace, all while providing a steady and ambidextrous grip that’s a lot more ergonomic than the previous setup.  They also fitted it with a more powerful UV LED to enable a faster curing time than the four seconds it takes the original.

Since it still uses the same formulation, everything works just as well as a regular Bondic. That means, you can use it add a plastic bond, filling, or bridge to any material, including plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramic, and more. Need to cover up a hole in the plumbing pipes? This will do it. Need to reattach the broken handle on your irreplaceable mug? Yep, this will work, too. Want to add a lanyard hole to a toy that doesn’t have one? Just shape it along the edge of the toy using the applicator and cure it with the UV light once you’re satisfied with the shape. Since the finished product is real plastic, you can even file and sand the created shape to make it conform to your exact specifications.


To those unfamiliar with Bondic, the actual product doesn’t dry out unless subjected to the UV light, so you can try out various combinations of applying the substance without having it cure on its own. That makes it a lot more ideal for bonding stuff than glue, since you control the setting time at your own pace. Do note, the fact that it uses UV light to cure means you can’t perform any work using the product under direct sunlight, since the UV in the sun’s rays will immediately cure the substance as soon as you apply it. Oh yeah, the product can even work underwater (you can both apply and cure it), so you can use it on wet and leaking pipes without any problems.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Bondic. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at CAD $14.

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