Boogie Board Puts A Digital Blackboard On A Tablet-Sized Gadget, Eliminates Many Uses For Paper


The name Boogie Board conveys plenty of fun images, all of which likely have nothing to do with what it’s actually about.  Despite the potential for misconception, Improv Electronics’ novel device   makes for a very original, incredibly useful replacement for paper, dry-erase boards and other writing surfaces.

It looks like a digital blackboard and actually functions like one.  There’s no need to pick up a piece of chalk to write on it, though.  Simply use the bundled stylus, your finger nails or any other instrument that will apply ample force.  It will register all the scribbled images (responding appropriately to varying types of pressure) and keep them displayed until you hit the erase button.

Technically an LCD tablet, the Boogie Board uses Kent Displays’ proprietary Reflex LCD, a pressure-sensitive, battery-powered plastic screen that can receive and display on-screen input.  The LCD panel itself can work without power, but requires use of an installed watch battery to reset the screen into a blank slate.  According to Improv, the battery will last for up to 50,000 erases.

Both written letters and numbers, along with graphical drawings, can be made on the device, allowing it to serve a multitude of functions.  Personally, I’d love to use it as a dry-erase board right next to my workstation.  Others can use it for sketches, math calculations, doodles and whatever else you usually do on a throwaway piece of paper.

At $29.97, the Boogie Board is exceptionally affordable.  Considering that it gets rid of a lot of uses for paper, pens, markers, whiteboards and blackboards, it’s a product that just makes sense.  Proof?  Amazon just sold out their stock.  They’re supposed to be replenished tomorrow though (according to Improv Electronics), so better get yours if you’re as stoked about this as I am.

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