Book & Hero Saves Your Favorite Volumes From Imminent Fall


Got a stack of books, no proper bookshelf to keep them in? Dispatch this Book & Hero to the rescue and watch all your worries disappear.

Created by Israel outfit, Artori Design, it’s a single bookend that makes it look like a flying caped superhero is holding your books up, keeping them from crashing tragically down to the ground. He does this while suspended in mid-air, too, creating for a gorgeous effect that’s bound to make any visitor do a double-take.


Book & Hero is a single bookend (it’s meant to function solo, rather than as part of a pair) that’s designed to hold books at a slight angle pushing towards it, while a flying superhero pushes it with both hands towards the opposite direction to keep everything upright. It achieves the effect by using a metal fixture that slips on the inside cover of the book at the end, with the magnetic superhero simply snapping into place once everything is set up. The base of the bookend measures 7.9 inches long and 4.7 inches wide, so it should fit around half a dozen books, depending on how thick they are.


Want to maximize the effect? Place this thing near the edge of a table, so it looks like the superhero, who’s obviously benefited from some of that super-shrinking Ant-Man technology, is keeping them from experiencing an unfortunate accident.

Available now, Book & Hero is priced at $25.

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