BookArc Turns Your MacBook Into A Tower Desktop

Miss having a desktop with a tower case at home?  Feel like you still have one with the BookArc, a MacBook stand that lets you pose your notebook like a regular PC tower.

Designed to free up the large amount of desk space that a laptop can take, the BookArc props your machine upright when you connect it to an external display and peripherals.  That way, you get to use it like a traditional desktop, all while having the whole notebook’s body exposed to cooling air.

The stylish laptop-holder is made of heavy gauge steel and is clad in an ivory white finish.  It comes with three different sizes of soft silicone cushion that both protects the MacBook and holds it in place when it’s slid into the BookArc -you’ll need to use the proper size to ensure best fit for your particular model, though.  It can hold all modern Apple notebooks, from the MacBook Air to the 17-inch MacBook Pro, while only taking 10 x 4 inches of space on your table.

Creator Twelve South claims that the BookArc should also help with the MacBook’s performance when used with an external display, as the machine automatically dedicates 100% of its video memory to the plugged monitor, instead of splitting it between two outputs.  As a result, you’ll find much-improved performance using graphics and video applications, albeit without a second display panel.

Folks in search of a tidier, more spacious workspace can get the BookArc now for $49.99.  A special pack of six BookArcs is also available for MacBook-using offices and organizations for $249.99.

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