BookBook Travel Journal Holds Your Gear Inside A Leatherbound Volume

Carrying a man-purse for holding your smattering of gadgets and gear is fine and all, but sometimes, you just want to look like a stuffy academic with a large, thick volume tucked under your arm instead of a leather bag.  And while lifting a dusty book from an obscure section of the university library can do just that, you still need a way to carry your tablet, headphones, charger, battery pack, and whatever other contraptions you travel with day-in, day-out.  That’s a job for the BookBook Travel Journal.

While styled like a vintage book, it’s actually a hardback leather case designed to hold a collection of your everyday gear.  From tablets to small laptops to everything else you will need throughout the day, it should make a handy alternative to your roster of backpacks, messengers and clutch cases.

The BookBook Travel Journal comes with a padded compartment sized to hold a tablet or a smaller notebook, with a selection of pockets and adjustable bands for neatly organizing the rest of your stash.  We’re particularly enamored with the right hand compartment and its four adjustable bands, where you can cram a full-sized pair of fold-flat ear cups instead of making do with tiny headphones for your music listening pleasure.  The best part?  You can camouflage the whole thing in a bookshelf with other old, dusty books, minimizing the chances anyone will mess with your gear (let’s be honest, no one really pays attention to crusty volumes these days).

Want one?  The BookBook Travel Journal is available now, priced at $99.99.

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