Ride A Bike With A Bottle Of Suds In Tow Using Bookman’s Handlebar Cupholder


Remember that bike with a cupholder on the frame? It’s awesome, allowing you to keep a bottle of beer within reach while going on a ride around the city. As awesome as a cupholder is, it’s not really a feature you’d buy an entirely new bike for, so we have a feeling the Bookman Handlebar Cupholder will be a much better solution.

Designed to clip onto the handlebars, it instantly adds a cup holder onto any bicycle. Whether you use it with a bottle of Gatorade, a cup of iced coffee, or a can of your favorite suds, this thing will you let you keep a drink nearby without having to pour it into a water bottle.


The Bookman Handlebar Cupholder uses a spring steel clipping mechanism that allows you to mount it any way you’d like. As such, you can clip it whether on the inside or outside of the handlebar, as well as with either the larger ring (for large cups) or the smaller ring (for small and medium cups) on top. It can hold drinks up to 3 inches in diameter, with a detachable silicone insert allowing you to use it to hold both cans and bottles.


Bookman claims the cupholder is very stable, with a grip that will hold fast even when riding over bumps and potholes. Of course, your drinks will likely spill some in those situations, but the cupholder should keep the cup on the bike all the same. It measures 5.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches (l x w x h).

Available now, the Bookman Handlebar Cupholder is priced at $51.

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