A Shelf For Books, Shoes And… A Bike?!?

We’ve seen plenty of bike storage solutions before.  And while the Shoes Books and Bike Shelf doesn’t even come close to the clever space-saving tricks some of those products pull, we can’t help but love the sheer madness of it.

Designed by Thomas Walde for Post Fossil, it’s a multi-purpose standing shelf with designated spaces for books, shoes and a bicycle.  Yep, a bicycle.  That way, you can keep the bike in your room, instead of the garage or another common area of the house where your roommates can take it for a ride anytime they please.  You’re not being selfish, but you’re really just tired of the clowns intentionally running over dog poo with your bike and returning it to your hanging rack without even washing the tires.  Ugh.  Just lock the doors to your room and your ride is safe.

The Shoes Books and Bike Shelf actually looks like a conventional wooden shelf that’s missing a couple racks in the upper half.  But the oversized space is intentional, since it’s styled to fit an adult-sized bike on the middle shelf.  The bottom is for books and shoes, with the top rack providing enough space to hold your helmets, tools and other cycling gear.

To make sure the bike stands on the shelf row, it features a clamp integrated on one side that attaches to the wheels and keeps the entire thing upright.  Construction is timber, steel and coconut fiber.

Pricing for the Shoes Books and Bike Shelf starts at 880 CHF (around $900).

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