Booktree Perches Your Books Along Its Branches

Looking for book shelves that can decorate as much as serve as extra storage areas around the house?   If bringing a little of the outdoors into your home will suit your current decor, we have a feeling you’ll gladly welcome the Booktree.

Designed by Kostas Syrtariotis, it received some attention a while back as a beautiful bookshelf design that looks perfect for children’s libraries and homes that want to add a little character to their walls.  This time around, you can actually get one for placement in your home, ready to adorn your walls like a sculpture while keeping your beloved collection of reading materials organized.

The Booktree measures 35.4 x 71.7 x 7.9 inches (w x h x d), which is large enough to be an imposing fixture without making it hard for younger readers to reach the topmost shelf.   Don’t collect books anymore?  Yeah, I hear you.  If you still want one, though, it looks perfectly fine as an all-purpose shelf, a home for your cats (put down some small beddings on the shelf surfaces), or even just a decorative piece around the house.  Construction is solid wood, with options in ash, white lacquered, ebony or tineo finish.  The entire thing ships in separate parts, but can be assembled in 10 minutes or less before mounting to a wall using two screws.

Priced at $1,679, the Booktree is strictly aimed at those with a little too much expendable cash.  From what we can tell, though, DIY woodworkers won’t have too hard of a time building something similar, so you can totally have your husband who spends half of every weekend locked up in his backyard workshop pretending to do work (while actually just drinking beer and playing Minecraft) build you one.

Check It Out  via TheAwesomer