Your Couch Is Now A Boombox… Sort Of

Granted, they won’t give your couch sudden magical beat-pumping powers.  Lined in formation, however, these Boombox Pillows will be make guests think twice before plopping down on the sofa.

Created by Meninos, the throw pillows come in sets of three, with individual boombox components printed on each one.  Two of them get speaker graphics (one left, one right), while the last one is emblazoned with an 80s-style home stereo player, complete with a tape deck and all corresponding knobs.

Each Boombox Pillow measures a square 15.7 inches on all sides, making them ideal for use as extra cushion in couches and loungers, as well as extra fittings in bed.  Case is made using microfiber fabric, with polyester fiber fillings providing the fluffy softness.  The images are set steadfastly, so you can wash it without having the print fade.

The graphics look exceptionally realistic, making the pillows an interesting display if you’re not using them for cushion.  Throw them lined up on a shelf, for instance, and you can pretend you’ve got an old-school, three-piece home stereo system right out of 1987.   Make sure you stack a dozen cassette tapes right next to them, as well, for added effect.

You can get the Boombox Pillows directly from Meninos, priced at $84.99.