BoomCases: Retro Suitcases Repurposed Into Speakers

Want speakers that will blend in with your luggage collection?  We’re not sure why you’d want that, but you can have it with these BoomCases, self-powered portable speakers housed inside vintage suitcases.

Built by Etsy seller IamSiMo, the idea is quite simple.  Scour thrift shops for vintage travel bags and convert them into self-powered speakers.  Since they’re bags, you get instant portability.  Plus, he picks out really good-looking ones (mostly leather and wood), so your speaker system is sure to draw attention.

The BoomCases come in different styles, since it depends on what kind of suitcases turn up at the shop.  He carves the speakers right on the body and installs the electronics inside the case, making it easily accessible in case you like to tinker with your electronics.  Almost all of the pieces I’ve seen come with at least two speakers and one tweeter.  The bigger the suitcase, the more elaborate it sometimes get.

Each piece comes with a 3.5mm connector for plugging into a music source, as well as its own onboard battery with a built-in charger.   The battery can juice the speakers for up to 10 hours on a single charge (it depends on how powerful the speakers are – some of the units do less), so it makes for an excellent speaker during parties in the backyard or afternoons at the beach.

You can check out the BoomCases blog for current pieces on sale.  Clicking on the items will lead you right to the Etsy sales page.

[Boomcase via Unplggd]