BoomCo’s Newest Blaster Recreates Master Chief’s Bread-and-Butter MA5 Rifle

Sure, you can get any Nerf or Boomco blaster to enjoy a round of foam warfare with the guys at work. But wouldn’t it be more fun if you were shooting at them with a blaster that looks like a legit replica of Master Chief’s bread-and-butter MA5 rifle? That’s exactly what happens when you drop in to battle with the Boomco Halo UNSC MA5 Blaster.

Styled to look like a standard issue MA5D from the United Nations Space Command, the blaster lets you shoot foam darts with the same swag as the UNSC forces, letting you live out your Halo fantasies with non-lethal foam ammo. Whether you’re waging battle with the kids in the backyard or engaging in foam battles with other overstressed people in the office, having the same weapon as Master Chief should make it a heck of a lot more fun.

From what we can tell, the Boomco Halo UNSC MA5 Blaster stays faithful to the weapon’s appearance in Halo 4 and 5, albeit with a brighter color scheme that’s more suited to foam-firing toy blasters. Heck, it even comes with a display on top of the rifle that allows you to keep track of your remaining ammo, although it’s purely aesthetic and non-functional for BoomCo’s version of the rifle. It can accept all sizes of BoomCo’s magazines, which you can load through the side of the rifle, with room in the stock for one of the outfit’s QwikClip magazines for backup.

No word on a release date, the Boomco Halo UNSC MA5 Blaster is priced at $49.99.

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