Boona Tandem Shower Converts Your Home Shower For Two-Person Use

Showers are awesome – they can wake you up in the morning, they can relax you at the end of the day, and they can bathe you with a revitalizing mist of water across your body the rest of the day. However, showers can also be stressful, especially when you only have one and you have an entire family all waiting to take theirs at the start of the day. The Boona Tandem Shower offers to add another shower to the mix.

No, it won’t quite build a second bathroom in your house. Instead, this aftermarket product will turn an erstwhile standard shower fixture into a dual showerhead setup, one at each end of the shower, allowing two people to take their showers at the same time. No more waiting for mom and dad to each get their showers done before it’s your turn – just make them go together to cut your usual waiting time in half.

The Boona Tandem Shower consists of a telescoping pole with a showerhead and a hose attached to it. You extend the pole so that it reaches wall-to-wall across your bathroom’s shower area, then simply lodge it in place. Once that’s done, you remove your existing showerhead, attach the included valve to the shower arm, and place the same beloved showerhead on that valve (or replace it with a second showerhead from Boona). Then, you take the hose from the pole, attach it to the valve, and you’re done, with your two showerheads now operable directly from the same valve.

According to the outfit, the pole can extend anywhere from 57 to 76 inches, so as long as the distance between your bathroom’s walls fits within that length, you should be able to install it. The tube, however, only spans the length of the pole, so your shower arm needs to be within the nearby vicinity of the pole, lest risk not being able to reach it. That means, your existing shower should be mounted somewhere on the sidewalls rather than the ceiling or back wall.

The Boona Tandem Shower has a valve that controls water flow to both showerheads, with settings to send water to both or either one, while the hose is fully-insulated, so hot water can retain the same temperatures as they travel to the second showerhead. The included showerhead, by the way, comes with three pressure settings, namely full-body spray (standard), power spray (concentrated coverage), and high-velocity spray, complete with the ability to adjust to a variety of tilts and angles.

Aside from allowing two people to shower at the same time without having to trade places under the showerhead, the fixture also allows you to shower with two streams of water hitting you from either side. You know… like Mr. Burns used to shower in The Simpsons back in the day. Or maybe he still does to this day since that darn show has managed to stay on-air for over three decades now. Whichever the case, you can now shower like a rich, old Scrooge right from the comfort of your home.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Boona Tandem Shower. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $199.

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